Claiming the Temptress


Claiming the Temptress --from HQN Spice Briefs

After centuries of slavery to Poseidon, demi-god Rourk has finally won his freedom—and the hand of Poseidon’s daughter, Lily. She’s a temptress he’s long desired to claim, but she’s unaware that Rourk is her intended husband. When Lily escapes to Earth to indulge in carnal delights before what she assumes will be a passionless marriage, Rourk is hot on her trail. He may be able to convince her to return home—but in exchange, he must grant her a night of pleasure….

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4.0 out of 5 stars two sexy sea gods make BIG waves! YUM! (pun intended) October 15, 2012
By icekitty
Format:Kindle Edition
After losing a bad game of poker to Poseidon, god of the sea, sexy demigod titan Rourk serves a 200 year sentence of servitude to him. when he makes another wager and wins, this time for the hand of Poseidon's willful daughter, Lilly so begins our story.

Lily, is spoiled rotten, and totally NOT into arranged marriages so when she gets wind papa p is trying to get her wifed up with a god from the house of justice, she had to bail. Lawyers, judges and even worse...accountants. Definitely not her bag. She doesn't realize Rourk is hot on her trail, trying to claim the one woman who has made his blood boil for 200 years.

She thinks he's nothing but a lowly slave, he thinks she a docile, complacent, soft spoken girl who never saw him as anything but beneath her. and oh, what fun we have when they both realize how wrong they are. Two sexy gods of the sea make waves (pun intended) in this light and fun romp.

Using Greek mythology with a humorous, modern twist as a backdrop helps make this a quick, sensuous read and I was sad to see the story end. Rourk was hotness personified and he can definitely make me wet (wet...like water wet, ya pervs...as he claims me as his bride and takes me back to the sea. what were YOU thinking, you naughty scamp????) Can't wait to read more from the divine Ms. Field!

5.0 out of 5 stars Hot, quick, paranormal love! October 6, 2012
By Nancy Cassidy
Format:Kindle Edition
Wow, I really liked this hot novella! Lily is a siren - Poseidon's daughter - who runs away from an arranged marriage, and hides in the human world. What she doesn't realize is that her intended, Rourk, isn't the pathetic old man she imagines. He is fantastic. She imagines that she can have one night of pleasure and finds it in his arms. The intimacy and the heat between these two blew me away. Rourk has to be the sexiest merman I've read! I won't give away the ending, but it made me smile. Great story!

5.0 out of 5 stars HOT HOT HOT October 8, 2012
By Cathryn Fox
Format:Kindle Edition
I thoroughly enjoyed every word in this wickedly delicious story. Renee Field's writing is intense, sensual and highly imaginative. This story has strong characters that I instantly care about, and love scenes that will leave you breathless. It was an absolute pleasure to read and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next. Well done, Ms. Field!


The scent of lavender sailed into Rourk.

Lily was here. Rourk inhaled her scent the minute he strolled into the dance bar with its throbbing music. Mine. A growl rumbled up unconsciously as he made his way onto the dance floor and there, sure enough was Lily. His Lily. His bride. Soon to be wedded and bedded bride. His cock swelled as usual and he barely resisted the urge to leap onto the floor with its flashing lights to grab her to him. To claim what was his. Patience, a virtue he had long tried to master was still sometimes hard. Instead of giving into his urges, he moved to the bar. Rourk leaned against the wooden bar rail and shouldered the other men out of his way.

It was the perfect spot to observe Lily. Her long legs were naked and the soft glow of all that natural honey-colored skin made his mouth water. She wore a red clingy skirt that was way too short for his liking, and a top that failed miserably to contain her lush cleavage. Her round sassy ass swayed to the beat of the music, causing Rourk’s heart to pound even more in his chest. She was being a flirt. Every male eye in the place followed her movements like lovesick eels. Her sensual body bumped and grinded to the hard core music. A huge smile filled her face making her look even more exotic with her honey colored skin. It dawned on Rourk while he observed her just how happy she looked. She had smiled and teased him with a flash of those pearly whites while he had been a slave, but seeing her in human form made her appear more real. In their realm she always came across as controlled and polished. Here she looked unguarded, and something slightly vulnerable peeked out from behind her green eyes. The idea shocked him. Lily might play act at being human but she was Siren to the core.

A black corset tied in the front with bright red laces pushed up her large breasts. Her flaming orange hair swirled wildly around her head. She had everyone’s perfect attention. Most importantly, Rourk knew she had his.

“Fucking sexy thing,” said the man next to him.

Rourk elbowed and pushed the man off the bar stool. His eyes burned to make the man forget the sight of Lily—his Lily—dancing fully clothed but looking like an enticing stripper on the dance floor. The man stood up and took one look at Rourk before he grumbled some human obscenity. Wisely the human left.

Rourk would have loved to punch the man in the face but he wasn’t without morals. He savored Lily’s confident exhibitionist dancing. Deep down Rourk knew her father would have unleashed a tidal wave if he ever learned his soft speaking, docile-pretending daughter had a wild side. Rourk knew more about Lily’s character than her dearest family members. After all he’d had a good century to observe her and more importantly listen to her curse about the lack of control she had under Poseidon’s rule.

As a demi-god, free now from Poseidon’s leash, his powers were back in his control. Morals be damned. Rourk needed to know what his feisty new bride thought.

Shock rippled through him as he shamelessly scanned her mind. A confident, macho grin surfaced on his face. She naively thought her father was marrying her off to a god of the House of Justice—a paper-pusher god. The idea was so far from the truth Rourk almost laughed. However, all joviality left him the minute he sampled what she wanted. A warrior. A god that did instead of said. A god with integrity. A god that would make her wet with desire.

Grinning with his newfound insight, Rourk strode confidently onto the dance floor. Dancing looked about as complicated as war maneuvers and he had mastered those in short order so surely it couldn’t be that hard.

War, Rourk discovered, was easy compared to picking up the bumping grinding movements of Lily—his sexy, soon-to-be wife. Currently, she danced a merry tune around his awkward land-encumbered feet.